Interiorlifestyle 2012

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The debut of Bottled in June, 2012.

2012年6月に東京で行われた見本市「Interiorlifestyle Tokyo」にて、アンビエンテックはBottledのプロトタイプを発表します。コードレスの照明がまだ生まれたての時代に、スタンダートとなるべく普遍的な姿と使いやすさを備えたデザインのものを提案。Bottledの特徴でもある高級感と親近感により多くの反響を得ることができ、翌年の発売につながります。

The prototype of the Bottled was announced at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo in June 2012. At that time, cordless lights were not as popular as they are now. Ambientec proposed a universal form and easy-to-use design that would be a future standard. Thanks to the sense of sophistication and familiarity that is one of the most distinguished characteristics of the Bottled, the response was so great that we released Bottled the following year.

6-8, June, 2012 10.00-18.00
Tokyo Bigsight

Art Direction:
Ryu Kozeki