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The debut of Bottled in June, 2012.

2012年6月に東京で行われた見本市「Interiorlifestyle Tokyo」にて、アンビエンテックはBottledのプロトタイプを発表します。コードレスの照明がまだ生まれたての時代に、スタンダートとなるべく普遍的な姿と使いやすさを備えたデザインのものを提案。Bottledの特徴でもある高級感と親近感により多くの反響を得ることができ、翌年の発売につながります。

Japanese designer Ryu Kozeki presented several cordless lights at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the Salone del Mobile.
Bottled, designed in 2012, is a glass, bottle-shaped lamp that glows for up to 24 hours. Xtal, new this year, is a small lamp that resembles a tea light in a holder and throws patterns of light across the table top, while Now Here, Now There is an adjustable desk light. This features a fulcrum upon which balances an arm with an LED light at one end and a counterbalance at the other.

6-8, June, 2012 10.00-18.00
Tokyo Bigsight

Art Direction:
Ryu Kozeki