Design Ryu Kozeki

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Experience the unique lighting of Bottled, a cordless lamp that’s literally shaped like a bottle

Ideal for the dining table or the bedroom, this cordless lamp looks just like a bottle, emitting from its substantial glass shade a diaphanous light that is at once soft and shiny. Light not only illuminates the space around it, but like music it also creates a unique atmosphere and can even instill a sense of inspiration or relaxation in those present. That’s why we created this beautiful form with high functionality and made it flexible and easy to use. From the dining room to the bedroom, the patio or the garden, Bottled is the ultimate lighting experience.

Bottled Photo



Elegant light you can take anywhere

Featuring a handle like a bottle neck on its bottle-like glass shade, Bottled is designed to be picked up and moved easily. And not just around the house. Since it complies with the IPX6 waterproof standard, you can safely use it outdoors as well. Plus, the body of Bottled itself never becomes hot, so you can carry it around and take it anywhere you like.

Bottled Photo