Design Ryu Kozeki

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A new standard in cordless lamps

With its familiar, bottle-like appearance, Bottled encourages us to pick it up, to carry it around, to take it wherever we want light — something we wouldn’t normally associate with a typical table lamp. The familiar appearance also means that we know intuitively how to grasp it and how to handle it. The bottle-like design isn’t just friendly and convenient, it also exudes sophistication with the elegance of solid glass and brushed aluminum.

Bottled Photo



Ease of use is another attraction

To use Bottled, all you have to do is push the one and only button on the front of the aluminum main body. In addition to turning the lamp on and off, this single button can also be used to perform four-step light control.

Bottled Photo



Charge easily

To charge Bottled, place it on the dedicated charger made of the same aluminum as the main body. Since the charger shares the same design concept as Bottled, the lamp looks just as elegant during the day while it is being charged, as it does in the evening when it is being used. Of course, you can use the light while you’re charging it.

Bottled Photo