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コードがなくなることでタスクライトは全く新しい姿に進化しました。 リラックスして本を読む。ベッドサイドにわずかな明かりを作る。デスクをしっかりと照らす。灯りを動かしたり運んだりでき、従来のLEDにはなかった自然な光を灯すタワー型のコードレス・タスクライト、Torr(トア)の登場です。

Torr — the evolution of the task light

By getting rid of the power cord, we’ve turned the task light into something completely different. The Torr. A versatile tower-type cordless task light that brings natural lighting to places that conventional LED lights just can’t reach. Now you can read books more comfortably, enjoy a cozy bedside light, take advantage of more flexible desk illumination, and move the light wherever and whenever you like.

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Cordless design makes this lamp as flexible as you are

Popular for their desktop convenience, conventional arm-type task lights lack flexibility, so they’re not easy to move or place in tight spaces. Because they require a stable location for placement and need to be able to plug into a wall outlet, there are significant design restrictions. Take away the power cord, however, and the problem vanishes. Suddenly you can do whatever you want. Rather than adjusting the lighting direction, you move the light itself and change its placement. Designed to function not only at home or the office, but wherever you need it, Torr is ready to go where you go, featuring a tower configuration that’s easy to carry and move and maximizes space saving.

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コンパクトでも妥協のない、質の高い光を実現ために、Torrには独自開発したCOB タイプのLEDを搭載。タスクライトにベストな光を最新のテクノロジーでお届けしま す。・コンパクトなLEDから、実用に十分な広い範囲を自然に照らすことが可能で す。・正確な色調を再現できる高い演色性を実現。Ra95を達成しています。 LED特有の光のちらつき(フリッカー)を極限までおさえ、ストレスがない光を実現 しました。・白熱球のような優しい灯りの3000Kの色温度です。

Illuminate what’s important to you with high-quality light

In order to achieve pleasing, high-quality lighting without making any compromises to accommodate its compact design, the Torr incorporates Ambientec’s original COB (chips-on-board) LED. This advanced technology assures the best-possible task lighting.

  • Compact LED for natural wide-range illumination ideal for day-to-day use
  • High color rendering at Ra 95 for accurate reproduction of color tones
  • Suppression of the flickering characteristic of LEDs to the minimum-possible level, assuring comfortable, stress-free light
  • Color temperature of 3000K for gentle lighting that’s just like an incandescent lamp
Torr Photo