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Beautiful tower-like appearance

A cordless task light is no longer tied to the desk or the workbench. You can put it anywhere — even the living room. Torr’s uniquely contoured high-strength metallic body — which morphs slowly from a square column to a triangular column — makes a great decorative addition to any room, even if you don’t actually use it to light the room. And, of course, since it is both functional and beautiful, you can use it in lots of places — for example, at the bedside or on the dining table.
The name of the lamp, “Torr,” is the Old English word for “tower,” and symbolizes the unique appearance of a cordless lamp that is completely different from conventional task lights.

Torr Photo



New-style operation makes this lamp even easier to use

When not in use, Torr stands tall, an elegant metallic tower. But when you twist the top of the tower, the light switches on and Torr is ready to go to work. Adjust the position of the light as needed and aim the light where you want it. This unique combination of shape and function sets Torr apart from conventional task lights. A touch sensor switch lets you take advantage of three-step light control. The power source uses an extremely safe and reliable NiMH battery. Charging is performed via a USB cable.

Torr Photo Torr Photo