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Add the beauty of crystal, or Xtal, to your table

Xtal. A personal cordless lamp made of solid glass that sparkles brilliantly and radiates a soft warm light. Featuring exclusive double-sided LEDs, smoothly curved metal reflectors, a three-level brightness control, and a waterproof design, the Xtal adds a subtle sense of excitement and intimacy to any space. Now you can choose from three variations each carefully hand-cut by master craftsmen.

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ベーシックなカットガラスのXtal(クリスタル)、ダイヤモンドカットのようなガラスが特徴のXtal Acrux(クリスタル・アクルクス)、螺旋状の大胆なカットが施されたXtal Becrux(クリスタル・ベクルクス)の、3タイプをラインナップ。ガラスの存在感や放つ光の表情もそれぞれ異なり、演出する場や雰囲気などに応じてお好きなものをお選びいただけます。

Different styles of cut glass, different expressions of light

The new Xtal lineup now includes three models — Xtal with traditional cut glass, Xtal Acrux featuring diamond-facet glass, and Xtal Becrux boasting glass boldly cut in a spiral shape. Each brings a different presence to the table and a different expression of light. Choose the one that best suits the ambience of the space.

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Re-create space with a little light

Radiated through hand-cut solid glass, Xtal’s warm, soft light redefines the conventional concept of LED illumination. And because it is fully compliant with the IPX6 waterproof standard, Xtal can also be used outdoors. Despite the Xtal’s small size, it can be used to create dramatic and powerful illumination. For instance, if you arrange several Xtal on your garden patio for example, the atmosphere becomes completely different. Ideal in environments where you might like to use candles but can’t, Xtal provides subtly elegant illumination wherever you desire.

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