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Xtalはいままでで最もパーソナルなコードレステーブルランプです。コンパクトな灯りを実現するため全方向に光を放つダブルサイド LEDを独自に開発。 更には滑らかな曲面のメタルリフレクター、ハンドメイドでカットされたソリッドガラスや、灯りをコントロールできる3段階の調光制御によって、幻想的な煌めきと放射状に広がる灯りを生み出します。

Add the beauty of crystal, or Xtal,
to your table

The Xtal is the most personal cordless table lamp ever. To make it as compact as possible, we developed an exclusive double-sided LED that emits light omnidirectionally. Made of hand-cut solid glass, the Xtal produces a dreamlike glittering light thanks to its metallic reflector that expands radially. A three-step light control lets you enjoy just the right amount of light.
Fascinating and seductive, yet serene and understated, the Xtal makes an elegant addition to your table, putting you and your friends in the best possible light.

Xtal Photo



Re-create space with a little light

Radiated through hand-cut solid glass, Xtal’s warm, soft light redefines the conventional concept of LED illumination. And because it is fully compliant with the IPX6 waterproof standard, Xtal can also be used outdoors. Despite the Xtal’s small size, it can be used to create dramatic and powerful illumination. For instance, if you arrange several Xtal on your garden patio for example, the atmosphere becomes completely different. Ideal in environments where you might like to use candles but can’t, Xtal provides subtly elegant illumination wherever you desire.

Xtal Photo