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Xtal — comfortably familiar

Sometimes you want an advanced technology product like an LED lamp to take a more familiar form. The contours of the Xtal give an impression of comfort and familiarity so you won’t hesitate to put it on a table. Based on a heptagonal pyramid, our standard lamp resembles a tumbler and produces a comfortable light that creates a warm and welcoming ambience suitable for any space.

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Xtal Acruxはダイヤモンドにカットされたガラスを備え、知的で豊かな表情を持ち合わせます。すっきりとした端正な印象でありながら写り込む光の反射はとても複雑で、まるでガラスの中に引き込まれるような魅力を備えます。

Xtal Acrux — distinctive elegance

Expressive and luxurious, the Xtal Acrux features diamond-shaped facets that sparkle and shimmer as they reflect the projected light, beguiling you with the delicate interplay of light and glass.

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職人の手仕事で螺旋状に大胆にカットされたガラスにより、豊かな表情を持ったXtal Becruxl。ガラス内部には緻密な光の反射があらゆる方向に起こり、目を楽しませることができます。さらにテーブルにも美しい放射状の光が広がり、場を華やかに演出します。

Xtal Becrux — a dazzling interplay of light

Boldly cut in a spiral form by a master craftsman, the Xtal Becrux generates reflections in every direction, creating a complex interplay of light that is a wonder to behold. This eye-pleasing light extends radially across the table surface, creating a sense of splendor.

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Just as easy to use as it looks

Using Xtal truly is as simple as it looks. When you place it on the dedicated charger, the light automatically turns off and the lamp starts charging. As soon as you lift it off the charger, Xtal turns on automatically. Three-step light control can be performed at the touch of a button. The compact, powerful battery lets you enjoy continuous light up to 24 hours.

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