...And the Night Comes into Relief

The night falls, slowly and steadily.

The dark arrives, blanketing all around — memories faintly discernible in the gloom.

Feelings. Conversations. Sounds. Flavors.
Softly, they come into relief.

Today, the day is coming to an end.
Tomorrow, another day will be born.

And in between is a light that allows you to relish the gifts given by the dark.


Carved from a spinning block of metal, this cordless table lamp is pure in form and reassuringly firm in texture. It stands tall and sharp, emitting gentle light from beneath its top to fill the dark with a warm radiance that enhances the night.

When not in the use, this cordless desk lamp stands like a miniature metallic tower, a beautifully sculpted work of art. When switched on, a gentle, refined light pours down from the top. Its slim base allows it to rest on any surface you desire, whether desk or nightstand.

The crystalline form of this cordless table lamp—each one immaculately cut by master craftsmen—refracts the light in magical ways, producing an ethereal tapestry of light the moment the lamp is switched on. Each of the three models produces an entirely different light show.

A soft light glows inside a tinted glass shade shaped like a bottle, permeating the room with a pristine, elegant radiance. This cordless table lamp’s fluid curvature ends in a neck that allows for easy transport so you can add ambience to a meal or while listening to music.

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