A soft glow fills the night
from inside a bottle shade


A soft light glows inside a tinted glass shade shaped like a bottle, permeating the room with a pristine, elegant radiance. This cordless table lamp’s fluid curvature ends in a neck that allows for easy transport so you can add ambience to a meal or while listening to music.

A finely crafted glass shade
that produces an elegant light

The distinct elegance of the light produced by this lamp is the result of the light being entirely filtered by the lamp’s glass shade. By polishing out the seams in the glass and coating the inside with a special tint, we have achieved a remarkably pristine light that is pleasing to the eyes.

A durable glass construct
offering a high level of safety

To ensure the lamp does not easily break, we have used glass that is at least 5 mm thick. The shade does not get hot, making it safe for children to handle and for placing on sofas and other flammable surfaces. We wanted to create a glass shade that was both safe and visually striking.

A gentle light
that can be placed anywhere

The light can be adjusted to one of four brightness levels, allowing one to set an ambience that suits their taste. With IPX6 water resistance*, the Bottled is also safe to use around food and drink, in the bathroom, and outdoors.
* Water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction has no harmful effects.

Matte Silver

For a cool, metallic look.

Glossy White

For a creamy, lustrous look.


Ryuichi Kozeki

RYUICHI KOZEKI carries out a wide variety of activities, from product design to spatial and graphics, overseeing projects from a multilateral perspective and also handling brand direction by covering those wide-ranging activities. This involves taking an approach that scrutinizes the balance between the realistic parts like material and technique, and the parts that influence sensitivity like impression and atmosphere, understanding the context, and at times renewal. After graduating from the Department of Design at Tama Art University, KOZEKI was apprenticed to Toshiyuki Kita. He opened his own design studio RKDS in 2011 and has received a number of awards, including the iF Design Award, Good Design Award Special Award and Best 100.