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Designed by Kensaku Oshiro


We choose aluminum as the protagonist of the new project by Kensaku Oshiro, combining aesthetics and sustainability.

The two rings of the cylindrical section are held together by radial partitions, designed to provide solidity to the structure and dissipate the heat of the lamp. And if the uniqueness of the product lies in its craftsmanship, its beauty is in the way it radiates light. A homogeneous gradation that flows along the grooves of the handle, conveying a novel sensation of tangibility.

Sketch Kensaku Oshiro

sketch Kensaku Oshiro


photo : Akira MAEDA

Kensaku Oshiro



Kensaku Oshiro graduated from the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan in 1999 and, after significant work experiences at renowned design studios in Milan and London, he founded his own studio in Milan in 2015. He sees each project as a unique challenge to be solved on its own terms, distilling limitless possibilities down to a single ideal solution. Drawing on his multicultural experience, his work extends across a variety of fields, from product design to architectural projects, from high-quality craftsmanship to industrial-scale production.

 He is the recipient of the Rising Talent Awards 2018, Wallpaper Design Award 2022, and has been nominated for EDIDA 2016 "Young designer talent" by the Japanese version of Elle Deco, EDIDA 2022 "Designer of the year" by EDIDA 2022.

Designed by Kensaku Oshiro




sketch kensaku Oshiro



sketch Kensaku Oshiro


photo : Akira MAEDA

Kensaku Oshiro / 大城 健作



 1999Scuola Politecnica di Design Milano卒。2004年よりミラノのLissoni Associati2012年よりロンドンのBarberOsgerbyに勤務。2015年ミラノにて独立、KENSAKU OSHIROを設立し現在に至る。多文化環境での経験をもとに育んだ独自のデザインアプローチによって、関連する文化や環境におけるプロジェクトの本質を見出し、可能性を広げるデザインを追求する。 


 2006Salone SatelliteにてDesign Report Award 大賞を受賞, 2018年にはイタリアで活動する新世代のデザイナーとしてRising Talent Awards at MAISON&OBJETに選出される。Best of Year Awards 2022 by Interior Design(米国)やWallpaper Design Award 2022(英国)など受賞の他、日本版エルデコよりEDIDA 2016 “Young designer talent”EDIDA 2022 “Designer of the year”にノミネートされている。