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    Technical Drawing


    Main materials
    Aluminum, polycarbonate, ABS, etc.
    Surface treatment
    65mm (W) x 65mm (D) x 420mm (H) (max)
    870g (including batteries)
    Low-voltage drive COB
    Light source
    Color temperature(K)
    3 levels
    Dimming level
    LOW (direct illumination 3lx) max. 100 hours
    MID (direct illumination 230lx) max. 6 hours (after automatic dimming → LOW: can be lit for 5 hours)
    HIGH (direct illumination 460lx) max. 2 hours (after automatic dimming → MID: 0.5 hours → LOW: 5 hours lighting possible)
    Battery run time(h)
    Charged by USB cable connection
    Recharging time
    Rechargeable Ni-MH battery 3.6V/2000mAh (Compatible battery: ABP-02A)
    Power supply
    Power consumption(w)
    Dedicated battery (ABP-02A), USB connection cable (2m)


    Slim enough to place on even the narrowest surfaces

    At just 6.5 cm per side, the Torr takes up much less space than the average desk lamp. This makes the lamp easy to place, but it is also simple to use: the light is contained in the top, which readily swivels out. Once the top is swiveled back in, the lamp returns to its sculpture-like form.

    A high-quality light that is gentle on the eyes

    The Torr contains a Chip-on-Board LED developed by Ambientec. It produces a high-quality light with a Ra value of 95—colors are rendered to a high degree with very little flickering—and a warm, gentle color temperature of 3000K. It provides ideal light with which to read and work.

    A lamp that can set any moodand suit any location

    As it is both cordless and slim, the Torr can be placed on a work desk, by a sofa while reading, on a dinner table, or as a night light on a nightstand. The brightness can be adjusted to three levels, allowing you to set the right ambience for your need.


    Ryuichi Kozeki

    RYUICHI KOZEKI carries out a wide variety of activities, from product design to spatial and graphics, overseeing projects from a multilateral perspective and also handling brand direction by covering those wide-ranging activities. This involves taking an approach that scrutinizes the balance between the realistic parts like material and technique, and the parts that influence sensitivity like impression and atmosphere, understanding the context, and at times renewal. After graduating from the Department of Design at Tama Art University, KOZEKI was apprenticed to Toshiyuki Kita. He opened his own design studio RKDS in 2011 and has received a number of awards, including the iF Design Award, Good Design Award Special Award and Best 100.

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