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Article: 【New Collection】”Cachalot” will be unveiled during Milano Design Week, 2022

【New Collection】”Cachalot”  will be unveiled during Milano Design Week, 2022

【New Collection】”Cachalot” will be unveiled during Milano Design Week, 2022

Ambientec presents the new portable lamp "Cachalot" designed by Yoshiki Matsuyama during Milano Design Week, 2022.

Yoshiki Matsuyama’s new portable lamp evokes the majestic and gracious form of a whale as it diffuses a sensation of peace and beauty throughout a space.
Cachalot is a sculptural light, a fine example of the synthesis of cutting-edge illumination technology, precise artisan craftsmanship and high-quality materials that sets Ambientec apart, along with its poetic design.


Milano Design Week  |  June 6, 2022 (Mon) - June 12, 2022 (Sun)

Archiprocuts Milano Via Tortona 31  |   10:00 - 18:00

Porro -  Duriniquindici Via Durini 15  |   10:00 - 20:00

Porro -  Salone del Mobile Fiera Milano, Rho- Hall 7  | D15-21. E14-18



Designer's Interview Movie


As if the presence of the single whale in the dark cold ocean surrounded by silence, can bring calmness and warmth to the heart. As if the passing of time itself has slowly changed. “Cachalot” is a sculptural lighting object that draws inspiration from the formative elements of life in nature.

Designer / Yoshiki Matsuyama


A rod (tubular LED light source) emits a delicate and intimate light that symbolizes life. The gentle, majestic form of the sperm whale and its softly textured shade are lit by an original light source developed by Ambientec for Cachalot.

The symbolic light that emerges from the space, harmonizing with the extremely fine details of the frame, created by precise metalworking.


The base is die-cast zinc with a copper plated finish. The lamp shade is made of pure, crystal-clear and durable acrylic, available in clear or dark gray. 

Cachalot is like all Ambientec pieces, it invites us to develop a genuine emotional relationship with it. It will gently bring calmness.



Making the general public aware of the situation of the ocean environment and the creatures that inhabit it is an important step towards protecting this delicate ecosystem. Building on its experience with the RGBlue brand of underwater photography lights, Ambientec is marking the launch of Cachalot with the inauguration of a project to raise awareness of the documentary work done by marine biologists and underwater photographers to protect the marine environment.

The company will donate 1% of Cachalot’s annual sales to charities supporting marine environmental protection programs. Initiative schedules will be shared on Ambientec’s website beginning in August 2022.


Cachalot Product Overview
Release date: Fall 2022
Price: Undecided
Color variations: clear, dark gray
Light source: Original LED module
Color temperature: 2000K
Continuous lighting time: 24 hours, 12 hours *2-step dimming
Material: acrylic, zinc alloy, aluminum, silicone
Charging method: USB type-C, dedicated charging stand
Size: 285mmX59mmX94mm
Weight: Main unit 450g, Charging stand 85g

"Cachalot" will be on Sale in early September. 



Yoshiki Matsuyama
Product Designer

His product designs tend towards calm, warm and symbolic forms, in harmony with everyday life and the beauty of nature. He also works in the electronics industry and is involved in various areas of industrial design, from household appliances to equipment for public spaces. He has received numerous awards, including the Toyama Design Competition/Grand Prix, the Lexus Design Award 2014, and the Good Design Award. He is a part-time lecturer at Hosei University.


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