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Article: 【News】"Bottled" new specification

【News】"Bottled" new specification

【News】"Bottled" new specification

The first lamp of Ambientec collection was "Bottled" in 2012.

In 2014, we presented "Bottled" at Milan Design Week (Tokyo Design Week in Milan), and at Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design Week, in 2015.

In this decade, "Bottled" has been blended into any style of the interior design, at anywhere as of dining-room, bedroom, or even in the bathroom thanks to the high classed waterproof, IP66, brought our lives relaxed and with the moments of emotionally evocative.


We are pleased to announce that "Bottled" is re-launched on February 10th, 2022 with the new specification.


The new "Bottled" has two functions for dimming and color tempreture, which the user can choose any mood they like at each moment.


bottled new dimming image

"Warm Color Mode"(1900K〜2300K)

Integrated touch sensor and the in-house developed unique LED light source “sunny side up”, a simple gesture is all it takes to adjust the light to one of four different gradations. It ranges from an intimate, candle like grow to create a meditative atmosphere, to a more intense light ideal for gatherings and celebrations, to a restful light perfect for reading by.

The color temperature is changed depending on the brightness as the incandescent lamp. The level of dimming and coloring is designed and adjusted for the new “Bottled” only.

Sunny Side up Color Temperature  for Bottled



Bottled original dimming image

"Original Color Mode"(2400K)

For the long lovers of "Bottled" since 2012, we hold the original dimming mode.  The brightness is changeable into 4 levels. The color of temperature stays the same. 


Other features

  • ON/OFF/ Dimming:   touch sensor button from push button  
  • USB type C:   like most of our collection, Bottled is changed to the USB type C to the secondary side of the cable (primary side is USB type A as same as before). 
  • Automatically power supply in case of emergency:   When the electricity gets black out or stops in case of emergency during Bbottled" is on the charger stand, it turns on automatically. People can find a light in the completely dark environment as “Bottled” guide people to act safely. 
  • 200 hours running: Battery run time depends on the level of dimming. It runs 200 hours at the most in the lowest level of dimming.


    Bottled_ new specification sheet


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