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Article: Ambientec | Milano Design Week 2024 | Preview

Ambientec | Milano Design Week 2024 | Preview

Ambientec | Milano Design Week 2024 | Preview

Preview | Milano Design Week 2024 

During Milano Design Week, we will collaborate with the fragrance brand FUEGUIA 1883, present our new collection at Rossana Orlandi Gallery, and sell some of our collections at Triennale Milano, as well as other exhibitions and displays at all seven venues.
Site Specific Project:
Scent of light
Ambientec and Fueguia 1833


Ambientec is known for its innovative design and attention to detail, while Fueguia 1833 is renowned for its high-quality handcrafted fragrances that capture the essence of nature. From this collaboration, where the refined and minimalist aesthetics of Ambientec's lamps blend with the distinct and enveloping fragrances of Fueguia 1833, a unique synergy of light and fragrance is born.
In the setting curated by Mr.Lawrence studio, light, just like an essence, has the power to create atmosphere and influence our mood and perceptions. Ambientec's lamps, with their gentle, controlled lighting, can be used to shape and accentuate spaces, while Fueguia 1833's fragrances add an extra layer of emotional and sensory depth. When combined, light and scent blend harmoniously to create environments that not only satisfy our senses but also evoke emotions and memories, transforming spaces into places of comfort, inspiration, and well-being.
Lamps are not only functional sources of lighting, but also essential elements for creating emotional and engaging atmospheres in environments.

Fueguia 1833 Milano Boutique
Via Tommaso Grossi 1, 20121 Milano
15 - 21 April 2024 / 11:00 - 20:00



"Remli" lighting by WE+ @ Rossana Orlandi


On the occasion of Milan Desing Week 2024, the Japanese studio WE+ presents a lamp, made with a technology they developed that allows for the recycling of hardly recyclable waste that goes to create a composite material, with the warm and earthy texture to the touch. For the development of the lamp, WE+ studied waste scraps after separating recyclable and reusable materials mainly from residues of construction work in the city of Tokyo. The transition from the creation of a material to the development of a lamp was made by four hands with the company Ambientec, which has been working on the concept of charging and cordless light for years, focusing on the high technological input and quality of materials and workmanship, making lamps that have become iconic as well as extremely poetic objects of light.

The result of this collaboration is the REMLI lamp, which will be presented April 15-21 at Rossana Orlandi Gallery and marketed in a limited edition.

 REMLI by WE+ for Ambientec 2024 - new product.



Remli by we+ for Ambientec 2024
Rossana Orlandi Gallery
Via Matteo Bandello 14, 20123 Milano
15th - 21st April 2024/ 9:30 - 20:00 ( -17:00 17th Apr.)


Twenty-Five Years of SaloneSatellite Exhibition 

From April 16 to April 28, the Triennale Milano will host “I 25 anni del SaloneSatellite”, an exhibition curated by Beppe Finessi, dedicated to celebrating Il SaloneSatellite, the event founded in 1961 as a springboard for designers under 35.
The exhibition recounts the universe of the SaloneSatellite over the years. Its protagonists, its being an international nursery of talent and an outpost of creativity, highlighting the relationships and magic it brings to life each year. An exhibition that highlights the goal for which it was created: to create a concrete bridge between the world of creativity and the world of entrepreneurship, in the mutual encounter between thinking and doing. On display within the exhibition will be the TURN lamp project designed by Nao Tamura in 2019 and HYMN designed by Hiroto Yoshizoe and presented in 2021 at Supersalone.


Triennale Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano
16 -28 April 2024 / 11:00 - 20:00   (Closed on Mondays)

ORIGIN of SIMPLICITY. 20 Visions of Japanese Design.


ORIGIN of SIMPLICITY. 20 Visions of Japanese Design.
March 23 at the ADI Museum in Milan marks the opening of the exhibition ORIGIN of SIMPLICITY. 20 Visions of Japanese Design, a cross-sectional look at design and craftsmanship to understand the origins of the concept of simplicity, concepts rooted in different philosophical thoughts belonging to this culture: from Zen Buddhism to Shinto animist thought, almost opposed to Western rationality. An unprecedented research conceived by curator Rossella Menegazzo, an expert in Japanese art history and culture from the University of Milan, with graphic and exhibition design by Japanese designer and curator Kenya Hara, who conceived the exhibition route as a forest to walk through. Each tree groups together works that are expressions of the same quality, unprecedented juxtapositions of works by different designers and artisans, through which the theme of simplicity is declined by attributing key words that help the reading.
On display among the 150 products will be the SAGE lamp designed by Nao Tamura for Ambientec in 2019.




ADI Design Museum
Piazza Compasso d'Oro 1, 20154 Milano
March 23 to June 9, 2024.
10:30 – 20:00 (last  entry 19:15 / closed on Fridays)



Go on Sale:


Triennale Bookshop
Starting from April 2024, a selection of Ambientec lamps will become part of the collection of products on sale at the Triennale Milano bookshop.
With a specially designed display, the lamps will be on display and for sale:
madco, by Elisa Ossino 2023
SAMBA, by Shiro Kuramata 2021
TURN and TURN+, by Neo Tamura 2019, 2021


Bookshop Mondadori Electa of Triennale Milano 
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano
From April 10, 2024 / 11:00 - 20:00  (Closed on Mondays except 15th April)


Display and Sale: 


The collaboration with Porro Milano will continue from December 2021. Ambientec lighting will continue to gently illuminate  in Porro's new Milan showroom, which relocated and opened last fall.



Porro Milano
Via Visconti di Modrone 29, 20122 Milano
Fuorisalone 16 - 20 Aprile 2024/ 10:00 - 21:00,  21 Aprll/ 10:00 -18:00


Dieffebi at the Salone del Mobile.Milano

Dieffebi at the Salone del Mobile.Milano
For the edition 2024 edition of the Fiera Fiera more important sector furnish world level, Salone del Mobile.Milano, the company Dieffebi chose the project Elisa Ossino to interpret space and present new collections in their own stand. Among the elements chosen to support the narrative of the company and its values, we will find the madco lamp designed by Ossino herself in 2023.


Salone del Mobile.Milano, Fiera Milano, Rho, Hall 24 -D03
April 16-21, 2024.






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【New Year’s Greetigs 2024】

【New Year’s Greetigs 2024】

  We are sending our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were affected by 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake. Hope our gentle light will warm your heart all through this year.   Ambientec      

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【New Project and Collection】”Remli”  will be unveiled during Milano Design Week 2024

【New Project and Collection】”Remli” will be unveiled during Milano Design Week 2024

  Ambientec presents the new portable lamp "Remli" designed by we+, contemporary design studio based in Tokyo, during Milano Design Week 2024.   Milano Design Week 2024  |  15th April 2024 (Mon) -...

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