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Article: 【New Project and Collection】”Remli” will be unveiled during Milano Design Week 2024

【New Project and Collection】”Remli”  will be unveiled during Milano Design Week 2024

【New Project and Collection】”Remli” will be unveiled during Milano Design Week 2024


Ambientec presents the new portable lamp "Remli" designed by we+, contemporary design studio based in Tokyo, during Milano Design Week 2024.


Milano Design Week 2024  |  15th April 2024 (Mon) - 21st April 2024 (Sun)

Rossana Orlandi Gallery
15th - 21st April 2024 / 9:00 - 20:00 (-17:00 17th April) 






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The portable lighting "Remli," a product developed through collaboration with the research project “Urban Origin” by we+, contemporary design studio based in Tokyo, and Ambientec. 

Considering Tokyo as the origin of used materials, "Remli" explores the potential value of waste, returning to the origin of the relationship between humans and materials - “using vernacular materials and treating them simply with our own hands". 



In industrial waste recycling plants in the suburbs of Tokyo, various waste materials are sorted and recycled. However, debris such as shattered glass and pottery, and concrete fragments, challenging to sort by material type, are sent to landfills.


Picking up this waste from the plants, grinding them more finely in a mill, and mixing them with soil to be applied to the surface of the lighting, gives birth to Remli.



The surface, composed of various materials, shows a beautiful gradient and rich texture when illuminated. 

Materials destined for burial find a new destiny as contemporary vernacular materials, seamlessly blending back into daily life.





 we+ / Contemporary Design Studio


we+ is a contemporary design studio founded in 2013 by Toshiya Hayashi and Hokuto Ando, that gives form to new perspectives and values using methods based on research and experimentation.

The studio explores the possibilities of alternative design that establishes a close coexistence with the natural and social environment around us, and incorporates a diversity of values that are often forgotten in today's society, where convenience and rationality are sought. Members with diverse backgrounds and skills: designers, engineers, researchers and writers, come together to present self-initiated projects that have emerged from their daily research, both in Japan and abroad. With the knowledge gained from these projects, they participate in a wide range of corporate and organizational projects, including R&D, installations as commissioned works, branding, product development, spatial design and art direction. 

Received many awards, including Dezeen Awards 2022 / Emerging Design Studio of the Year Public Vote, FRAME Awards 2023 / Furniture of the year, Wallpaper* Design Awards 2022 / Best Elements of Surprise, EDIDA 2019 / Young Designer of the Year Nominee, KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 / Gold Prize. The work is in the collection of Vitra Design Museum, Germany.



"Remli" Product Overview

*Release date: Spring 2024
*Price: Undecided

Light source: Original LED module
Color temperature: 2500K
Continuous lighting time: 150 hours, 72 hours, 24 hours, 8 hours *4-step dimming
Material: Concrete, glass, ceramics, etc. / Aluminum, acrylic, silocone rubber, ABS
Charging method: USB type-C, dedicated charging stand
Size: 122φ × 155mm
Weight: Main unit 900g

*This new collection is a new experimental project and collection by Abientec, with a different commercial development, order method, and pricing than the existing collection.


Discover More about "Remli"




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