【New Collection】”Cachalot” launched on September 30th, 2022

We are pleased to announce that Ambientec has officially launched "Cachalot", a new portable lamp, designed by Yoshiki Matsuyama, on September 30, 2022, which was previously unveiled at the Milan Design Week in Italy in this June.


" Cachalot "


As if the presence of the single whale in the dark cold ocean surrounded by silence,
can bring calmness and warmth to the heart.
As if the passing of the time itself has slowly changed.
"Cachalot" is a sculptual lighting object
that draws inspiration from the formative elements of in nature.
Yoshiki Matsuyana / Designer
ledt:Cachalot / Dark Gray
right:Cachalot / Clear

 Product Detail  

Original light source developed for "Cachalot"

 The rod (cylindrical LED light source), which emits a warm light symbolizing life, ins an original light source developed for "Cachalot" by Ambientec.

The frame has extremely fine detailing with precious metal working.


Pure, crystal clear acrylic light shade

 The light shade, in the shape of a transparent sperm whale, is made of high purity acrylic using a special molding process. 

Zinc die-cast base that stands out for its beauty

 The base is a massive zinc die-cast with copper-plated finish.


Yoshiki Matsuyama

Product Designer

 His fascination with light began early. After working in digital imaging, he followed his passion for the depths of the ocean and began research into the field of professional lighting for underwater photography. Challenges included making equipment that would resist water pressure at depths up to 100 meters, and complete waterproofing. The rise of modern devices led him to reflect on ways to move beyond the “disposable” mentality of the culture of mass production and toward a more honest, balanced and sustainable relationship between people and objects. In the wake of the earthquake that struck Japan in 2011, he decided to create a new kind of indoor lamp, one that people could take with them into any space or setting. A visionary concept of a portable, indestructible, reliable light with integrated LED technology that would also be comfortable and charming. A poetic sort of light is at the heart of all Ambientec’s designs, one that is never harsh or cold, but that carries on a friendly dialogue with the space it illuminates. Yoshinori Kuno is passionate about sound and the rarefied sonorities of electronics, and wanted to create a light that would caress the dark and encourage an intimate atmosphere for listening. A light to bring beauty into a space even when turned off. Wireless, thus personal by definition, Ambientec lamps invite you to reach out and touch them both physically and visually, through an experimental design based on an intense purity of form and the vivid sensory qualities of their materials.



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Color variations:Dark Gray, Clear
Lighting source:LED 
Color temperature:2000K
Buttery run time:24h, 12h
Dimming level
- Buttery Power Mode (Portable) : 2steps
- USB Power Mode (on Charger stand) : 3steps
Main materials:Acrylic resin, Zinc alloy, Aluminum, Silicone rubber
Charging:USB type-C, Original charger stand
Dimensions:285mm x 59mm x 94mm
Weight:450g (exclude charger stand), 535g (include charger stand)