【New】”Xtal Gacrux” is launched on 2023

"Xtal Gacrux" , the fourth cut in the popular Xtal series, was released in 2023 with further updated specifications.

This cut, which is the finest and most brilliant of the "Xtal" family, has been considered extremely difficult to process and difficult to mass-produce because of its delicacy.

However, after five years of development, the craftsman's skill and technology have finally made it possible to commercialize the product.

The numerous geometric facets of the light provide an intricate refraction and shimmering effect. IPX6 waterproof rating for safe use in bathrooms and outdoors, and like the renewed Xtal, it has a longer continuous lighting time and can be charged and powered while lighting.

: The charging stand is not waterproof.


2023 with further updated specifications
<Main Function> 

1. Constant lighting while charging is now possible with the device placed on a charging stand.

2. The lighting time has been further lengthened.

24 hours → 32 hours
12 hours → 16 hours
6 hours → 8 hours

: No change in appearance or materials.
: The old charging stand can be used.
: The specifications of the main unit remain the same even if the charging stand is changed.

1.The material of the charging stand has been changed from plastic to zinc die-cast, and its shape has been changed to circular.

2.The charging stand can also be used for other products (SAMBA-M, hymn, Cachalot).

3.The USB standard of the charging stand has been changed from micro USB to USB type-C.



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