【WARNING NOTICE】 Warning about Non-Genuine Ambientec Products and Fraudulence of Sales Sites and Advertisements

Thank you so much for your continued trust and support of Ambientec products.
In recent years, we have discovered various Non-Genuine Ambientec products in the market all over the world, and fraudulent sites selling Non-Genuine of Ambientec products.
Some of these fraudulent websites are using genuine images or videos of Ambientec products that we have made available to the public, or contents featured on social networking sites of Ambientec, without our permission.
If you suspect that you have found a counterfeit Ambientec product, or if you have found our product at a retailer that you suspect to be not authorized by Ambientec, please see below.

Please be careful not to purchase Non-Genuine products by mistake.

For a list of authorized distributors, please access and confirm at:


We are not responsible for any problems that may arise from purchases made through such fraudulent sales sites.

Please note that any Non-Genuine products you purchase are not covered by our support and warranty.


Here, an addition e.g. like the following could be made:

Below, you will find a list of websites where we have discovered products that are not original Ambientec products, but which rather appear to be Non-Genuine of Ambientec products and/or which make use of official Ambientec product photos or content without our Ambientec's permission:

[List of websites]

(*as of Jan, 2024)

























mantar  https://mantarlamps.com/collections/catalog

CSTWIRE  https://www.cstwire.com/products/metallic-cordless-table-lamp


swindmicape  https://www.swindmicape.com/products/metallic-cordless-table-lamp

posyoga  https://www.posyoga.com/products/table-lamp

Sedinimner  https://www.sedinimmer.com/products/rechargeable

TRNCY.  https://trencyjapan.com/product/urgelamp

APPLEDAS  https://www.appledas.com/collections/table-lamps

Lumisom  https://lumisom.com/product-category/table-lamps/

RESIDENCE SUPPLY  https://residencesupply.com/products/turn-brass-table-lamp

Klarako  https://www.klarako.com/products/luminous-elegance-lamp




mantar  https://mantarlamps.com/products/lantern?variant=42974786158833


CSTWIRE  https://www.cstwire.com/products/waterproof-metal-crystal-table-lamp

Swindmicape  https://www.swindmicape.com/products/waterproof-metal-crystal-table-lamp

Posyoga  https://www.posyoga.com/products/crystal-table-lamp

 Lumisom  https://lumisom.com/product-category/table-lamps/

RESIDENCE SUPPLY  https://residencesupply.com/products/nao-tamura-turn-table-lamp

 Klarako  https://www.klarako.com/products/klarako-led-crystal-lamp-1



Swindmicape  https://www.swindmicape.com/products/crystal-cordless-table-lamp

Posyoga  https://www.posyoga.com/collections/table-lamp/products/decorative-atmosphere-crystal-diamond-rechargeable-table-lamp

Lumisom  https://lumisom.com/product-category/table-lamps/ 

JOSENART https://www.josenart.com/collections/all-table-lamps/products/xtal-becrux-luxury-led-table-light



 Swindmicape  https://www.swindmicape.com/products/led-glass-bottle-rechargeable-table-lamp


mantar  https://mantarlamps.com/collections/catalog

Lumisom  https://lumisom.com/product-category/table-lamps/



CSTWIRE  https://www.cstwire.com/products/metallic-cordless-table-lamp-with-leather-grip




To help you avoid purchasing Non-Genuine products by mistake, the following is a list of typical examples of Non-Genuine products. 



Examples of Non-Genuine "TURN" products

Comparison of overall image
<Left: Non-Genuine product >   <Right: Genuine product (on the charging stand)>


Difference in charging method
<Left: Non-Genuine product (charging cable is plugged into the main unit)>
<Right: Genuine product (Charged by placing on the dedicated charging stand)>

Example of Non-Genuine "Xtal"

Difference in charging method
<Left: Non-Genuine product (Charging is done by plugging the charging cable into the bottom of the main body)
<Right: Genuine product (Charges the battery by placing it on our original charging stand)>


Difference in package appearance
<Left: Non-Genuine product (Official brand logo and product logo are not engraved)>
<Right: Genuine product (official brand logo and product logo are engraved)>

Difference in package contents
<Left: Non-Genuine product (includes a charging cable in addition to the main unit)>
<Right: Genuine product (includes a special charging stand, charging cable, user's manual and warranty card in addition to the main unit)>


Example of Non-Genuine "TURN+"

Comparison of overall image
<Left: Non-Genuine product >   <Right: Genuine product>

 Difference in charging method
<Left: Non-Genuine product (charging cable is plugged into the main unit)>
<Right: Genuine product (Charged by placing on the dedicated charging stand)>

 Difference in ON/OFF and Dimming method
<Left: Non-Genuine product (Touch sensor on the side of the base )>
<Right: Genuine product (Touch sensor in the groove on the top surface of the base)>


Q. I saw a website or advertisement selling Ambientec products at a discount price. Are they genuine products?

Products sold at extremely low prices are most likely Non-Genuine.
We cannot determine or provide any support if a product is the genuine Ambientec product before you purchase it. To avoid becoming a victim of a Non-Genuine retailer site, please purchase your Ambientec product from an authorized Ambientec product retailers.

In addition, many Non-Genuine product sales sites direct consumers through advertisements that appear on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Some of these ads use our genuine images or videos of Ambientec products without permission and make it appear as if they are selling genuine products at a lower price. Clicking on the ads leads the user to a website that sells Non-Genuine products.

Ambientec's official ads on social media are linked to the following sites
Ambientec's official website

Please be sure to check the URL and purchase from an authorized retailer.


Q. I purchased an Ambientec product, but it may be a Non-Genuine. What should I do?

We are not responsible for any problems with purchases made through fraudulent sales sites. We do not provide support or warranty for the Non-Genuine product you purchased. Please note that we do not offer refunds or exchanges for genuine products.


For any further inquiry, please contact through our contact form.



We highly appreciate your attention.


Ambientec Corporation

June, 2023