【News】 Ambientec unveils new company logo & website

On March 29th,

Ambientec unveils our new company logo.


The work of graphic designer Edward Leida ,who explains:

“The new graphics emphasize the harmonious balance between the concepts of environment and technology, offering a unified vision of the company’s identity, values, and background.”


Ambientec builds on extensive experience in the field of professional lighting for underwater photography designed to illuminate the darkest depths of the ocean.

Our cordless lamps are based on this great experience. Our innovative lamps are cordless, waterproof and integrated with exclusive LED technology.

“We explore the relationship between people and light, to create new atmospheres for every setting through technological means and by designing lamps that last a lifetime,” states Yoshinori Kuno, CEO of Ambientec.


We also refresh our website.

We hope you enjoy our new site. Your any feedback will be appreciated.