【New Collection】Turn+ will be launched on April 24th, 2021

Turn+ designed by Nao Tamura


Nao Tamura, who previously designed the portable work and desk lamp TURN , was inspired by natural light and the gentle, familiar lines of classic lanterns in designing TURN+.



Thanks to the integrated touch sensor and two types of the original LED segments developed by in-house technology, a simple gesture is all it takes to adjust the light to one of four different gradations. It ranges from an intimate, candle-like glow to create a meditative atmosphere, to a more intense light ideal for gatherings and celebrations, to a restful light perfect for reading by.

The exterior is made in aluminum, brass or stainless steel, all extremely durable metals.

Another unique feature of TURN+ is the choice of solid glass for its diffuser. Carved, honed and polished to perfection, this material brings greater depth to the light by guaranteeing natural refraction, difficult to achieve with LED light source alone.

Rechargeable and portable, TURN+ provides up to 500 hours of light. It is also waterproof, meaning it can be used outdoors, on balconies, and in gardens.

“Light is a powerful symbol of vitality and hope, and TURN+ is intended to be a light that you keep close by, to keep you company through all the moods and moments of your life. A lamp that you light by gently touching it is one that can create a strong sensory and emotional bond,” explains designer Nao Tamura.