【Xtal(クリスタル)ファミリーの新カット「Xtal Gacrux(クリスタル ガクルクス)」を数量限定で先行発売】

2017年ミラノデザインウィークで発表をしたXtal(クリスタル)ファミリーの4つ目のカット「Xtal Gacrux(クリスタル ガクルクス)」。


この度、数量限定でCassina ixc.(カッシーナ・イクスシー)より先行発売をしております。


今シーズンはベーシックカラーである「Clear(クリア)」に加えて、Cassina ixc.限定オリジナルカラーである「Amber(アンバー)」の2色展開。



"Xtal Gacrux", the fourth cut in the "Xtal" family, was presented at the 2017 Milan Design Week, is now pre available in limited quantities from Cassina ixc in Japan.

*As of December 5, it is not available at the official Ambienetec official online store.

This cut, which is the most delicate and sparkling of the Xtal family, has been considered extremely difficult to process and difficult to mass-produce due to its delicacy. However, after five years of development, the craftsman's skill and technology have finally made it possible to commercialize the product.

In addition to the basic color "Clear," the product is available in two colors: "Amber," an original color exclusive to Cassina ixc.

Enjoy the intricate refraction of light and shimmer of the numerous geometric facets.